Welcome to my new blog!  I originally intended for this to be a place to share my crafting adventures, but quickly realized that wouldn’t fully suit me.  I do plan to have crafty posts, but I’m also in the throes of wholeheartedly flinging myself into homesteading, and I’m relatively newly in recovery from letting my depression and anxiety dominate my existence.  So I feel it’s important to not ignore those aspects of myself and include those topics as well.  Feel free to head on over to my about section to learn a little more about me personally.  Thank you for stopping by!

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Hello!  My name is Alison, I’m currently 26 years old and residing in CT, although I have an old soul and my heart truly belongs to VT.  I’m married to the most wonderful man I’ve ever met; we’ve been together for almost 11 years now!  Not many people seem to meet their soul mates at 15 years old and I am forever grateful that I was so incredibly lucky.  We have two children, Roselyn and Lucas, who keep our hearts full and our lives busy.  I’ve also got a plethora of critters, but I won’t bombard you with all their info here, perhaps a blog post on it is in order at some point.  I struggle with depression, general anxiety disorder, and a fairly mild social anxiety that significantly impacts how I interact with the world.  The road has been long and riddled with obstacles, however, I’m finally learning how to navigate my disorders and reclaim my life.  I’m also an avid crafter.  I dabble in as many ideas as I can manage at any given time.  Currently I’m loving crochet, learning to knit, and wire jewelry making.  Now for some random facts!  I love autumn, reading, coffee, tattoos, and (if you hadn’t guessed from the first quote you see on here) Alkaline Trio!

I’ve been longing to blog for quite some time now but never worked up the courage to make it happen.  I was very recently given a nudge to give it a whirl, (thank you Elaine!) so here it goes!  Please hang in there while I figure this all out.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.